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Dr Pezzato resides on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  His undergraduate degree is in Sociology, and he holds a Masters degree and PhD in Psychology.  Dr. Pezzato works in the fields of Caregiver Education and Support, Dementia Education and Support, Stress Education, Aging, Life Skills and Personal Relationships.

  He is the author of six self help books and a Caregivers Guide.  Dr. Pezzato is always willing to donate copies of his books to schools, libraries and organizations where life skills education is deemed appropriate.  He is also available as a guest speaker.

  Please visit Dr. Pezzato's YouTube channel to experience his "Facets of Life" audio series.  These brief recordings are intended to help you deal with many of life's challenges and issues.  They are also available here.

Gratitude is The Best Attitude


Gratitude is The Best Attitude

Dennis Pezzato, PhD
Behavioral Specialist

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